Why AWS is great for video workflows

In 2015 AWS acquired Elemental (press release). With this movement, it got the tools needed to become the cloud with the best video support.

We all have heard the benefits of the cloud like scalability and redundancy, but in video applications this is a prime example of the ease of use of cloud offerings. In the “old” world of on-premise video, buying and mantaining a video transcoder is already expensive and a very slow process of buying and racking the equipment. You need to make a CapEx investment upfront, wait until the equipment is delivered, rack it and ensure it has good power, ventilation and maintenance. Add to that the need to distribute the video online and it becomes even more expensive, if at all possible. You don’t need spare capacity for backups and updates are no longer an issue. Having the possibility to almost instantly provision an encoder and the CDN from AWS makes this a very simple solution for online video.

AWS offers a whole set of tools for live and ondemand video: MediaConvert, MediaLive, MediaPackage, MediaStore and MediaTailor. You can see a brief description of them here.

Source AWS

Source AWS

The image shows some workflow examples on AWS. The live event is re-encoded in ABR in MediaLive, and passed through MediaPackage or MediaStore (depending on the requirements of the solution) and then delivered by CloudFront for all devices.

When working with video on AWS, you can store all of your videos on S3. This provides near infinite storage with excellent reliability and performance. No more headaches in making storages work and keep working. AWS also ensures that it follows MPAA best practices, so you can too have hollywood-grade storage.

If, for example, you are processing videos and need to keep the originals (but not access them frequently), you can use Glacier as a long term storage solution to keep your costs low.

And after you have your videos ready, CloudFront makes them available worldwide.

At the risk of sounding like a “As seen on TV” ad, when you use AWS for video you also get the possibility of low latency, which is fundamental for live streaming, specially if you are streaming sports.

At Qualabs we have designed video workflows on AWS and are an AWS Consultant Partner and we can help you set up a video workflow in the Cloud. Get in touch with us.

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