Who are we looking for?

People passionate about development and with a taste for constant learning. For this position, we want a Backend Developer. We look for candidates with outstanding analytical skills and a keen desire for learning and applying new technologies.

This team works with a customer which is international, collaborating with peers in different countries. The projects have a wide reach of customers, they are used globally.


Object-oriented design patterns and algorithms knowledge

Backend developer for QareBears' team


Team Leader

A greenfield project which is centered around monitoring a SaaS service The team is responsible for delivering this solution in a CI/CD environment. They use typescript, python and CDK

Backend developer for Powerpuff Girls' team


Team Leader

The team works developing (mainly) the frontend for a portal that encompasses several products. They are in charge of providing the building blocks that other teams use. This is structured in a micro-framework architecture based on React. They also use JS, CSS and HTML.

Backend developer for Quardians' team


Team Leader

The team works on maintenance and support of a large project which has a clean distributed linux-based architecture that has allowed it to scale and mature. It encompasses several backend technologies (such as C++, Java and Python), video, and infrastructure (Ansible, Jenkins). The team is responsible for the delivery of this project.

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