Take Media Tech
upwards by a transforming way of team collaboration

Providing solutions to your day-to-day projects

We seek to understand your challenges and assemble a team of experts to solve them, while you focus on your business.

Our Framework


To ensure that all our interactions generate opening to understand the other’s concerns.


By telling stories that make others want to connect.


By transforming the other with the solutions we provide and thus bringing them to their best version.

Create Value

With proposals that aim to solving those problems





Scale up
your Video Software development team

Outsource your video-software team to access a team of experts!

Have a dedicated team of video developers ready to start working on your project in 4 weeks and focus on your core business functionalities.

Custom Team

We take care of looking for teams with the set of skills you need to complete your project!


We adapt to scope changes and new challenges.


We can strengthen your existing teams by providing the experience of our teams in video software.

Benefits for you


Managment Time


Faster Ramp Up

+ Control

Variable Costs

We use Agile Methodology

Allowing our teams to focus on quality and timely delivery while taking care of customer relationship and satisfaction.

We focus on:

  • Quality improvement
  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Collaboration and synergy
  • Creativity and innovation

We are more than a partner!

Generating long-term relationships is our focus. How we do this? By working with your projects as if they were our own, while providing, apart from technology knowledge, extreme care of delivery.

We build relationships with:

  • Transparency
  • Excellent communication
  • Proximity

Delivering Video Software solutions for over 5 years

How can we work together?

Check out this guide to know the stages and estimated times of our Client Journey,
from the first contact to the launch of your new dedicated team.

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