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august 19 2021

MonteVIDEO Tech Meetup - August 2021 - Osmar Bento da Silva Junior, AWS Media and Entertainment Specialist | Nicolás Levy, Director of Engineering at Qualabs

Osmar Bento da Silva Junior, AWS Media and Entertainment Specialist, will be presenting "Deploying complex video workloads with AWS Amplify Video" Nicolás Levy, Director of Engineering at Qualabs, will be showing how to build a client-side anti-piracy solution in a week.

july 13 2022

MonteVIDEO Tech Meetup - July 2022 - Ryan Jespersen, Director Dolby | Adrian Britton Solution Director APAC Bitmovin

Our event will feature two speakers presenting on cutting-edge topics. Adrian Britton from Bitmovin will discuss AV1's evolution, while Ryan Jespersen from Dolby will explore 3D Game Engines, Real-time Video, and Spatial Audio. Join us for an immersive experience!

november 7 2023

MonteVIDEO Tech Meetup - Sep. 2023 - Victoria Tuzova and Vitaly Suturikhin from Elecard | Javi B from BCN Video Tech

We have a new edition of MonteVIDEO Tech Meetup, and you don't want to miss it!

november 7 2023

IBC Preview - Exploring the latest trends and innovations - Francois Guilleautot - Cloud Solution Director, Ateme | Olga Kornienko - COO / Co-Founder, EZDRM | Andy Beach - CTO for Media & Entertainment, Microsoft | Juan Pablo Saibene - CEO, Qualabs

Get ready for an engaging mate talk as our industry leaders and innovators delve into the latest trends and innovations that will be showcased at #IBC 2023.

july 13 2023

Unraveling Video Players CMCD Implementation in one month - Nicolas Gonzalez

Pay close attention to the end of Nico's talk as he reveals an incredible spoiler alert 🚨 We're getting closer to the launch of our highly anticipated SVTA Course - #CMCD and #DataAnalysis101. Plus, we're introducing our amazing #CMCDAnalyzer.

january 26 2023

Summer Camp 2023 - Coding experience, collaborative projects for the video community

Nico Levy inspires the community and tells about the 2 experiences that were created for this Summer Camp 2023 edition. Where video developers can take collaborative work to the next level.

february 9 2023

Summer Camp Project 2023 - Kick off CMCD

What are we building? A CMCD validator! 💚 Why? - Support developers in CMCD adoption - Build a tool everyone can use ⚙️ - Enable more people to contribute to the CMCD standard 🙌🏼 For whom? The whole community to use! 😍 Our goal with this initiative is to contribute to the video community by empowering collaboration between video devs and facilitating a learning experience!

february 23 2023

Meetup Special Edition - Closing our Summer Camp

How the #MontevideoSummerCamp experience was from the perspective of those who lived it. We've put together something a little bit different from what you are used to.. Instead of the typical "master talks" we'll have 2 round tables. 😏 One will be focused on our Coding Experience 👨‍💻 to share how was the process of putting together two #opensource Summer Projects: a #webrtc conferencing tool and a #cmcd validator, and show us the progress through a demo.

may 25 2023

MonteVIDEO Tech Mate Talk: Key takeaways on MHV, Segments & SME - Alex Giladi, Igor Oreper, Jason Thibeault & Victoria Tuzova

This month we're enjoying amazing events of great relevance for our industry: MHV in Denver, Segments in New Orleans and SME in Boston, and we want to share with you the key takeaways from each of them. We invite you to participate in our first Official Mate Talk to discuss among colleagues the main talks and trends we saw!

january 6 2023

How we "ScaleUP" the next generation of us - Nicolas Levy, Emil Santurio

In the last 12 months at Qualabs, we had to train 50 new video engineers, challenging us to systematize the way of training newcomers. To face this challenge we created "ScaleUp", a team designed to ramp-up technical video knowledge and teamwork using the methodology of "learning by doing"!

december 25 2021

A Pirate's Tale: Building a client- side anti-piracy solution in a week - Nicolas Levy

This talk tells the story of how we built and run a pilot of an end to end anti-piracy system in a week.
We will cover the challenges we faced, the strategies we used, and the architecture of the solution we built using AWS, VideoJS and Common Encryption.

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