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Our Labs

We build on experience

Our Labs represent the core of Qualabs and perform as centers of expertise. They focus on maintaining the highest levels of technical quality in our specific areas of expertise. This is achieved through in-depth analysis, consulting, customized solutions and comprehensive training of our specialized teams.

This holistic approach ensures that we provide the right solutions to our customers' needs.

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How we do it

We create internal labs, which are small groups of people such as developers, team leaders and managers, dedicated to exploring and innovating in specific areas of our expertise. These labs provide continuous learning, support knowledge sharing and improved integration of best practices and the latest technology trends.

Teams focus on solving complex challenges, which fosters the development of both personal skills and professional expertise. By fostering active engagement and teamwork, they help transform technical challenges and support Qualabs' growth and objectives.

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We develop
end-to-end solutions

In our labs, we collaborate across specialties to deliver end-to-end solutions. Our commitment goes beyond creating solutions; we design integration that leverage all areas of video technology. This collaborative approach ensures that each project is innovative and perfectly aligned with our customers' needs.

Through our specialized labs, we offer customized and agile solutions that cover the entire video streaming workflow, from content generation to final delivery. This comprehensive approach effectively meets the unique requirements of each project, fostering cost-effective and efficient deployments while optimizing our extensive video technology expertise.

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