We provide
Video-Dev Teams!

Do you need to support & maintenance a legacy product and you don't have the know how or capacity in your current team?

Your core business is not video and you would like specialized know-how to empower your product with a video-based solution?

Do you want to automate tasks that your current team does manually?

Do you have more backlog than execution capacity in video engineering projects?

Do you need more video engineering capacity to meet your roadmap milestones?

Do you need your engineering team to focus on core innovation without neglecting the maintenance of current products?

We provide remote Dedicated Video-Dev Teams

Considering the set of technical and soft skills needed to carry out your project, making sure to meet your needs through early and continuous delivery of valuable software.

Integrated Teams

At least 3 People:
1 Team Leader + 2 Devs

Shadow Resource

Extra dev, non billable, to ensure continuous and uninterrupted delivery


To accompany with specific know-how


From the time both parties agree on the start of the project

Training & Onboarding

Done by Qualabs

Flexibility to Adapt

If the scope or skills needed changes in the medium term

Team Composition

Adaptability to change team composition - at Qualabs' cost - within 4 weeks


Team 100% dedicated to your project

We assemble the team according to your needs

Throughout our process we focus on:

  • Objectives: to set the challenges to meet.
  • Responsibilities: to define what the team needs to do.
  • Technologies: to define what technologies we need to use.
  • Methodology: adapting to the processes and systems of our partners.

We work as an embedded team in your organization!

We provide teams of experts, tools and methodologies that are integrated into your day-to-day operations.

Our Method

We guarantee quality and on-time delivery and take care of customer relations.

Get to know our work process.

Delivery framework

How does the Dedicated Team deliver?

Our method includes a framework which allows every dedicated team to focus on quality and timely delivery while taking care of customer relationship and satisfaction.

Extended Team

An Extended Team supports the Dedicated Team during the whole delivery process

Who is the Extended Team?

Client Manager

Assigned to the Dedicated Team to ensure better understanding of customer needs and challenges. Always aligned with the customer and the Qualabs culture.

Member of Qualabs’ Client & Growth Team.

People Ops Manager

Accompanies the team on retrospectives and other internal team meetings if necessary. Helps feedback preparation and fosters team building and cultural alignment.

Member of Qualabs’ People & Culture team.

Delivery Manager

Software engineer and PM assigned to the Dedicated Team to ensure the delivery along with the team.

Collaborates with them in the continuous improvement process based on customer and team members feedback.

Accompanies Demos and other ceremonies if necessary. Member of Qualabs’ Operations & Delivery Team.

Tech Manager

Seasoned video software engineer in charge of designing, describing and managing the solution engineering in relation to specific customer problems.

Member of Qualabs’ Engineering Team.

Client Manager

People Ops Manager

Delivery Manager

Tech Manager

Client Manager

People Ops Manager

Delivery Manager

Tech Manager