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Conditional access cloud system monitoring and multi-DRM integration for a Cybersecurity company

After launching a new cloud-based solution for conditional access, the client sought a cost-effective and reliable method to monitor system performance and availability. The system needed to provide real-time updates every minute on the system's status, include an alert system to notify about service failures and automate service monitoring.

Building a telemedicine platform from scratch with reusable components

Moon Qnights, our dedicated video team, faced several challenges while working with a client in the healthcare technology industry. They were tasked with working on all aspects of video to build a telemedicine platform from scratch and to higher standards, which required adopting a rapid application development (RAD) approach.

Phil Cluff

Product Manager


"When we started building our real time video product, we were working on a pretty lean team, so we reached out to Qualabs to get feedback on the user experience of this new product. This really helped us understand where the documentation maybe was weak or where we picked the wrong abstraction potentially in an SDK, to help us refine the product, make it easier when we came to launching it and gave us more confidence. It's always great working with the team, we've worked on a variety of projects over the years including other products that we've launched, testing across devices, score different video players and obviously getting feedback on this early stage project, was great as well."

AMD Alveo™ U30 upstream to Wowza Streaming Engine

Integrate a new AVC/HEVC hardware accelerated live and low latency encoding system to an existing streaming platform. To achieve this, the dedicated team that faced the challenge had to work with native SDKs provided by the hardware vendor to integrate the encoding implementation at low-level in the streaming platform.

Adnan Kasenally

Senior Director - Operations & Delivery


"From on boarding to delivery, the process was smooth and problem free. Qualabs brought some extremely talented engineering resources to the table, ensuring a swift turnaround time for the assigned tasks. The assigned resources demonstrated a high degree of resourcefulness and creativity which was instrumental to the success of the project."

Metrics that matter: evaluating your features against other players

In order to validate their current functionality across different players, the client needed an application that allowed them to test their feature support against the different players in the market. This would allow them to adjust their internal processes to prioritize better according to what was discovered regarding feature support or bugs that could be found. Tests would need to be reliable and be available for the different players and their versions in the market.

Ben Mesander

VP of Software Development


"Qualabs and their team of video engineers greatly exceeded our expectations. Not only was their work top notch, but it was also delivered several months earlier than we expected. The communication from Qualabs was outstanding and their engineers were a delight to work with!"

The Power of Optimization: redefining Snowflake ETL for cost saving and performance improvement

A company specialized in digital content security and monetization, with a focus on the media and entertainment industries. It provides solutions and services to protect digital assets and ensure secure content delivery across diverse networks and devices.

The challenge of creating a stable & scalable streaming platform

The client needed their streaming platform solution to be stable and scalable to generate events without system downtime, being able to support a large number of participants with high quality of the video and without impacting the product's ease-of-use for non-IT professionals.

Enhance your video player: Check out our Open Source project, CMCD Validator!

Develop an easy-to-use CMCD validation library that provides accurate results. The goal was to provide a tool that would simplify the adoption of the CMCD standard for video developers, allowing them to validate CMCD parameters efficiently and reliably.

Cloud-Based Video Solution Prototype

Needed to rapidly prototype a new cloud-based solution to help customers, partners, investors and our own employees understand the concept and see it “in action”, and allow us to gauge market interest and feedback.

Security Integration

An important global sporting event was approaching and the content provider had established that it was mandatory that its live and on demand content be distributed using DRMs to protect it from piracy.

Provisioning System

The client needed a decoder management system, with business rules that were very different from the usual ones in the market, so they could not use any existing commercial software.

Content Usage Analytics on Devices

Our customer wanted to explore what insights could be gained from usage reporting from their devices (Web platform, TV and mobile). Since there was not yet a commercially viable use for the data, this was an exploratory endeavour.

Christopher Rae

SVP of Asia and Pacific

San Diego, California

"...Though we are based in California and they were based in Uruguay, the timezones overlapped with us nicely to allow us to collaborate in real-time. We hit our deadline a few days early with plenty of time to do some last minute cosmetic tweaks to really make the prototype shine. Qualabs' flexibility, adaptability, sense of urgency, and willingness to go the extra mile made the process very easy to work with them and get results that wowed our customers, partners, investors and our own employees with fantastic ROI that allowed us to validate the market opportunity..."

Ray Rodriguez

Director - System Integration

San Diego, California

"We needed a comprehensive Subscriber Management System (SMS) for the control and authorization of decoders for one of our clients and we needed it fast. Qualabs' team delivered. They know and understand the business of delivering encrypted digital video services thoroughly. Their responsiveness in my opinion is unparalleled. As an example, while doing a live presentation of the delivered SMS system, a senior officer asked if we could change a function to the system. The request was no easy change, so I texted the request to Qualabs, expecting a time and effort estimate. Within minutes, while still in the meeting, Qualabs delivered. I was able to demonstrate the requested change and ask the client if that is what he was looking for. With a look of surprise and disbelief, his response was, “Yes, perfect.” Excellent work Qualabs."

Uroš Zorčič



"I’m really impressed by the speed and self-sufficiency of the development. There was one email with a few explanations and a couple of weeks later, the CPS was integrated with our platform."

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