Transforming live event streaming: Creation of an interactive social platform

The client detected a market need to offer a unique live event viewing experience, very focused on the user experience. The goal wasn't just another streaming platform, but a social network where users could interact with each other.


The main challenge was to create a platform where viewers could simultaneously watch events (movies, music, sports) and participate in live chats, including interactions with celebrities.


The project initiated with an in-depth analysis of the client's challenge, focusing on the unique difficulties of live events such as physical distance, high costs, language barriers, and scheduling constraints. Existing online solutions lacked dynamic interaction between users and artists, failing to provide an immersive experience.

  • Private chats with celebrities
  • Exclusive camera angles
  • Video-chat rooms
  • Interactive quizzes

The development phase emphasized usability and user experience. The team's UX/UI expertise guided the creation of a visually striking and modern platform, accommodating a wide range of events without compromising interaction quality, even with large user numbers.

A big effort was made in designing the user interface and developing an intuitive frontend. The platform integrated a scalable live chat using GetStream, with advanced moderation capabilities, and used Dolby's Multi Source technology to handle multiple cameras. Built with Next.js, React and TypeScript, the platform was designed for quality and future expansion, including mobile app video integration.


The solution to the challenge lies in an interactive and attractive platform that already provides an immersive experience of viewing live events, blending high-quality broadcasting with social interaction. Users have the freedom to choose from a wide range of viewing experiences, from general chats to exclusive interactions with celebrities, offering a unique space for entertainment and social connection.


Our specialized video team consists of a Team Leader and video developers. They receive support from an extended Qualabs team, which assists them in several areas: Delivery, Technology, and People Care.


Extended Team

Delivery Manager: Ensures value delivery together with the team, in addition to collaborating with continuous improvement processes.

Tech Manager: In charge of designing, describing and managing the engineering of solutions in relation to specific customer problems.

People Ops Manager: Accompanies the team in retrospectives and internal team meetings. Assists in the preparation of feedback and encourages team building and cultural alignment.