Connected-device telemetry: 7 tips learned from a Set-top-box usage analytics project.

The broadcasters industry historically had the problem of how to measure its audiences. Transmissions of radios, TV channels, cable TV or satellite services are essentially unidirectional communications services, between a broadcast station and the users. In other words, with the kind of technology that an air TV channel broadcasts, it is impossible to know how many viewers are actually watching that channel. In order to have audience and ratings measurements, different types of solutions were created, from something as basic as telephone surveys to image and audio recognition systems installed in a sample of users houses, to then apply statistical models to get to know the audience or rating for a specific service.
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Why AWS is great for video workflows

In 2015 AWS acquired Elemental (press release). With this movement, it got the tools needed to become the cloud with the best video support. We all have heard the benefits of the cloud like scalability and redundancy, but in video applications this is a prime example of the ease of use of cloud offerings. In the “old” world of on-premise video, buying and mantaining a video transcoder is already expensive and a very slow process of buying and racking the equipment.
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