Building a telemedicine platform from scratch with reusable components

A healthcare technology company specializes in telemedicine solutions. Their platform enables medical professionals to conduct video conferences securely and remotely with patients. The platform is highly customizable and scalable, catering to various medical practices.


Moon Qnights, a dedicated video team, faced several challenges while working on the telemedicine platform. They were tasked with building a video call module as a core part of the application while adhering to high development standards. Additionally, they needed to focus on reusable component development, integrate Twilio's WebRTC SDK, and ensure accessibility for blind users. All this had to be done while collaborating with other development teams and aligning with the platform's roadmap.


The team began by thoroughly analyzing the existing code and application flows to understand the product deeply. This approach allowed them to deliver value faster from the start. They first added new functionalities to a video calling module, which allowed healthcare professionals to conduct video consultations without requiring user accounts. The module included features like background blur, background images, and host permission transfer. Within two months, the team completed the project, which involved frontend and backend maintenance, bug fixing, and addingnew features.

Main Highlights

  • Product maintenance
  • Best practices
  • Code reusability
  • Rad
  • New product development

As they progressed, the company decided to integrate the project the team had completed into their main application (Core) to leverage the team's expertise and newfound knowledge. They embraced a Rapid Application Development (RAD) approach, focusing on building functionalities from scratch, creating reusable components, and emphasizing testing. The team's sprint velocity consistently grew between 10% and 20%, showcasing their adaptability to business needs.


The team successfully integrated the video call module into the core application, allowing healthcare professionals to conduct video consultations without requiring user accounts. They also developed reusable visual and global components, following best practices in coding and testing. This laid the foundation for building the telemedicine platform from scratch with higher standards.


The successful implementation of the video call module and the adoption of best practices in code development and reuse allowed the company of healthcare to offer a high-quality and reliable telemedicine platform to their customers and end-users. The effective prioritization of tasks and teamwork among the development teams helped meet the established timeline milestones in the roadmap, ensuring successful project delivery.


Moon Qnights, the dedicated team working on this project, is composed by a Team Leader and video developers.

They are supported by an extended team of Qualabs that helps them in several areas: Delivery, Technology, Client satisfaction and People care.

Juan Pablo

Extended Team

Delivery Manager: ensures value delivery together with the team, in addition to collaborating with continuous improvement processes.

Tech Manager: in charge of designing, describing and managing the engineering of solutions in relation to specific customer problems.

Client Manager: ensures a better understanding of the client's needs and challenges. Always aligned with the client and the Qualabs culture.

People Ops Manager: accompanies the team in retrospectives and internal team meetings. Assists in the preparation of feedback and encourages team building and cultural alignment.