Cloud-Based Video Solution Prototype

Christopher Rae

SVP of Asia and Pacific


Verimatrix needed to rapidly prototype a new cloud-based solution to help customers, partners, investors and our own employees understand the concept and see it “in action”, and allow us to gauge market interest and feedback.


The solution required integrating some of our own products, partner solutions, and delivering everything on Amazon Web Services. The prototype needed to be built “the right way” from the beginning because we knew that shortly after the prototype was shown, we would immediately need to start developing the full product on the framework we built due to customer demand once they saw it.

This code and infrastructure would also need to be inherited by our Engineering team and integrated into core products, while leaving the door open for potential future development with Qualabs, so it had to meet our Engineering team’s strict coding and environmental requirements. And to add a further challenge, we had only six weeks to get it done before a major industry event.


Verimatrix reached out to Qualabs to assist with the rapid prototyping having seen examples of some of the other video-based applications they had developed.

We delineated which pieces would be worked on by Verimatrix core teams, and which pieces would be worked on by Qualabs, and worked with them in an agile methodology to develop core use cases, APIs integration, and UI/UX requirements, and then quickly iterate on different ideas, designs and workflows.

There were daily check-ins, and each week we would have a team-to-team scrum to ensure we were on the right path and keeping our communications in sync during leading up to an immovable deadline, which always has the potential for misunderstanding, miscommunication, duplication of effort, and missing the target.


Though we are based in California and they were based in Uruguay, the timezones overlapped with us nicely to allow us to collaborate in real-time.

We hit our deadline a few days early with plenty of time to do some last minute cosmetic tweaks to really make the prototype shine. Qualabs’ flexibility, adaptability, sense of urgency, and willingness to go the extra mile made the process very easy to work with them and get results that wowed our customers, partners, investors and our own employees with fantastic ROI that allowed us to validate the market opportunity.