Optimizing communication in High-Security environments

The client is a leader in providing comprehensive security solutions, specializing in advanced video surveillance technology and access control systems. Their focus is on delivering end-to-end security solutions tailored to specific industry needs, with a strong emphasis on innovative hardware and software.

Use cases
  • Corporate environments
  • Airport operations
  • Retail & Public Spaces
  • Educational & health centers


The client faced numerous issues with their new intercom call system. Users experienced frequent call failures, mobile app crashes during calls, delayed video appearance, and high latency. The root cause included the use of an outdated webRTC version set to lose browser support, a lack of bug traceability, and system inflexibility.


Our approach to upgrade the client's communication system was focused on two objectives.

First, we addressed critical bugs in the existing system by enhancing its functionality and working with web, mobile and integrated components. Collaboration with the client and the dedicated team was key in this phase. The team quickly resolved a critical bug in the video clips, which improved the understanding of the system and prepared them for the next step.

After that, we moved on to a complete system overhaul. LiveKit was selected as the webRTC provider thanks to its flexibility and technical support. A crucial part of this phase was the refactoring of the existing business logic to ensure backwards compatibility and seamless integration into the existing infrastructure.


The final solution involved addressing critical system errors and understanding the old system components before implementing a new solution using modern, open-source technologies. This approach significantly improved call setup speed, multi-call handling capabilities, and system flexibility. It also transitioned to a more robust and flexible open-source webRTC service provider, enhancing user experience and overall system stability.


This project led to significant improvements in the client's communications infrastructure, representing the team commitment to technical excellence and user-centered design. The results not only solved immediate problems, but also equipped the system for future challenges and ensured adaptability.

User experience: Call setup time was reduced from 8 to 2 seconds, significantly improving user satisfaction.

Latency reduction: Achieved almost zero video latency, facilitating smoother communication.

Resource optimization: By consolidating webRTC providers, we streamlined system maintenance and improved issue traceability.

Retro-Compatibility: Successfully integrated new logic with 95% compatibility with existing intercoms, avoiding the introduction of new bugs.

Technical developments: Update of react-native-webrtc for browser support and integration of an advanced media player into the system.


The team working on this project is named Quantastic Four, a dedicated video-team composed of a Team Leader and video developers.

They are supported by an extended team of Qualabs that helps them in several areas: Delivery, Technology, Client satisfaction and People care.

Ana Clara

Extended Team

Delivery Manager: ensures value delivery together with the team, in addition to collaborating with continuous improvement processes.

People Ops Manager: Accompanies the team in retrospectives and internal team meetings. Assists in the preparation of feedback and encourages team building and cultural alignment.

Tech Manager: In charge of designing, describing and managing the engineering of solutions in relation to specific customer problems.