Mux is video infrastructure that makes it easy for developers to build video into their products, and do so quickly, reliably, and at global scale. With Mux, developers can build the live and on-demand video experiences their audiences want.

Use cases
  • Live Streaming
  • Video Quality Monitoring
  • Video Transcoding
  • Storage and Delivery
  • Video API and SDKs
  • Workflow Automation
  • Developer Tools
  • Playback & Monetization
  • Quality of experience metrics


In order to validate their current functionality across different players, the client needed an application that allowed them to test their feature support against the different players in the market.

This would allow them to adjust their internal processes to prioritize according to feature support or bugs that were discovered.

Tests would need to be reliable and be available for the different players and their versions in the market.


To address this challenge, our team kicked off the development of a proof of concept (POC) to test the flow of the application and validate our intended build.

We started by setting up one player in a basic React application, using appropriate abstractions that would allow us to support multiple players in the future. In addition, we begin creating a thorough test suite that focused on addressing major pain points for our customers, including tests for live and VOD playback scenarios, subtitles, fast-forward functionality, and playback speed changes.


We developed a testing application with a six-month timeline. We built a comprehensive solution that could support multiple players and different versions of those players. We were able to support the major browsers and operating systems.

  • Support for multiple players
  • Reusable tests between different players
  • Mobile Compatibility for Your App
  • Compatibility Test Reports: Pass/Fail
  • Automating Versioning with GitHub Actions
  • Support for different versions of players
Christian Pillsbury

Tech Lead at Mux

“From the start, we knew we needed a team that could work independently yet stay responsive to changing priorities and technical challenges. The team that was provided quickly became our go-to partners, always ready to adapt and take on any feedback or new direction we threw their way. The best part was how seamlessly we worked together. Our requirements were often broad, but thanks to our collaborative approach, we were able to dive deep into the details and find solutions together. We had a great experience and I'm looking forward to another project together!”


The client has achieved a successful outcome with the implementation of a stable set of tests that can be triggered by other repositories involved in the process. This has allowed them to thoroughly test different players across various browsers, ensuring that no issues arise during the rollout of new releases for each player.


The team working on this project is named Quantastic4, a dedicated video-team composed of a Team Leader and video developers.

They are supported by an extended team of Qualabs that helps them in several areas: Delivery, Technology, Client satisfaction and People care.

Ana Clara

Extended Team

Delivery Manager: ensures value delivery together with the team, in addition to collaborating with continuous improvement processes.

Tech Manager: in charge of designing, describing and managing the engineering of solutions in relation to specific customer problems.

Client Manager: ensures a better understanding of the client's needs and challenges. Always aligned with the client and the Qualabs culture.

People Ops Manager: accompanies the team in retrospectives and internal team meetings. Assists in the preparation of feedback and encourages team building and cultural alignment.